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August 12th-13th 2022

Location: Veröld - Hús Vigdísar (V-H 107)

English discourse particles in Nordic and Finnish conversation

Important dates

Abstracts (including funding for travel and accomodation): June 15th 2022.

Registration: August 1st 2022 



Organizer: Helga Hilmisdóttir, The Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies

August 12th 2022 (Friday)

9.00-9.15 Welcome address

Helga Hilmisdóttir

9.15-9.45 Messing up the Machine: Language Technology Challenges for Natural Conversations in Icelandic

Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson (Reykjavík University)

9.45-10.00 Coffee break

10.00-10.30 Fuck-syntax and fucking-syntax in Danish: Sequential variation in assessments

Søren Sandager Sørensen (University of Aarhus)

10.30-11.30 Datasession: Varianter av fuck i svensk tevespelsinteraktion

Susanna Karlson (University of Gothenburg), Marie Sörlin (University of Uppsala), Gustav Bockgård, (University of Uppsala)

11.30-13.00 Lunch

13.00-13.30 English swear words on Nordic Twitter: Regional characteristics of lexical repertoires and mixed-language forms

Johannes Widegren and Jukka Tyrkkö (Linnaeus University)

13.30-14.30  Datasession: va och what i finlandssvenska samtal

Martina Huhtamäki (University of Helsinki)

14.30-14.45 Coffee break

14.45-15.15 what i isländskt ungdomsspråk - en sekventiell analys

Helga Hilmisdóttir (The Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies)

August 13th 2022 (Saturday)

9.00-10.00 Keynote Lecture

Sorry mine tusen skrivefeil! Phrasemic and syntactic integration of the borrowed apology marker sorry

Gisle Andersen (NHH, Bergen)

10.00-10.15 Coffee break

10.15-10.45 Oh my god! What's the title of my talk?

Elizabeth Peterson (University of Helsinki)

10.45-11.15 The functions of þúveist/þúst/þst in Twitter: An outline for further discussion

Lars Gunnar Lundsten (University of Helsinki)

11.15-11.45 Comparison of response particles in Finland Swedish and Finnish: A project description and a pilot study

Martina Huhtamäki, Minna Levälahti, Elizabeth Peterson & Heidi Vepsäläinen (University of Helsinki)

11.45-13.00 Lunch

13.00- Summary and planning next steps

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